27 thoughts on “Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore”

  1. I am a tour Guide since 1990, may I add a comment about Singapore Casino
    and compare for some of visitors that may need informations.Actually there
    are 2 Casino
    In Singapore and will be 3 Casino within 5 years from now.

    The Sand Casino is opened 24 hrs a days may closed halfday on Christmast
    and or Chinese New Year day.Singaporean must buy the annual fee entry levy.
    All other nationalities must show ID for resident or passport for tourists.
    Anyway, it s may annoy you when you hae to show and check and recheck the
    passport once you have enter and when you need to get out from the casino,
    that hurrible idea ha? compare to anothers Casinos in this world, I guess
    approximately more than 300 casinos that can count by countries.some
    country has 2 or 3 casinos,some countries has more than 20 casinos; like

    membership is also expire by 1 year after you has registered, this is also
    very stupid of marketing’s acchivement and I think this is not a good idea.
    because if you play the games your cards can accommulate the point and you
    can upgrade to another level
    from normal card which allow you to drink tea or coffee can upgrade to
    and Black card or Diamond. that level you can have all meal preference at
    any time.

    but once your point play expired you have to start to play the game again
    like new member. this is what i call a stupid idea,because The Sand never
    care,theywant all money form you,they never TAKE FOR GRANTED. I bring a lot
    of customers to play
    in the SAND but I got nothings more than I myself have to play the games.

    I have been playing slot machines in all casino in Asian, Australian ,New
    Zealand, alomost casinos in Las Vegas, and other cisities, In Scan, In
    Africa, In Eygpt.I never
    has a very bad experienced like The Sand do that sysytem.may be I never
    seen and
    learn that new era of Casino policy,but common, I assure you that I have
    travel almost
    120 countries in this world I know and well understood each place do the
    common thing
    But not in The Sand Casino in Singapore.you may try your luck but i
    reccommend you better visit the Resort World Sentosa where you never
    disappointed at first sight.
    Good luck you all at your own Risk ha.

  2. thank you mam! i assure you that you will not be put in the black light.
    Singapore will be the model country for this episode :) no negative
    comments will be aired about them. can we also use your other singapore
    videos? thank u mam!

  3. No, the hotel is open 24/7 to everyone, including free food and drinks
    while you’re in there. However, Singapore residents must pay the entry levy.

  4. hello mam! I am a researcher in ABS-CBN, a television network in the
    Philippines. I am asking for your approval for usage of this video for our
    Casino episode. Kindly confirm to this message for your approval. Thank you!

  5. @sgcasinoinsider What for having more customer when our pay does not raise
    in SG i pay stay the sames even i heard on the news that our tourism has
    raise a lot and i thus i believe so that the economy is going well and i
    think we should get a raise in our pay!

  6. The reason why Singaporean need to pay $100 is because Singapore do not
    want their people to waste their money on gambling. So moral of the story :
    stop gambling .

  7. who is doing the website & marketing for this place.? As an Interntional
    event organiser, it is imposible to find informtion on it. their marketing
    company should be sacked! poor effort

  8. The $100 levy levy only applies to Singapore citizens and permanent
    residents. It is in place to discourage casual local gamblers. You are
    absolutely right: this place was built to attract more tourists to

  9. No offence to anyone who likes it, but from the video it still looks very
    SG to me. I wouldnt pay a 100 bucks for that. World Class casinos in Las
    Vegas dont charge a cent & they look way better than that. The architecture
    is mediocre,and it looks like a good part of the decoration were some cheap
    projections & lights on the escalators. All im saying is,they’re gonna
    charge people 100 bucks up front, they should put some effort into world
    class standards.I hope Marina Bay Sands would be better

  10. I know what you meant. However you have to agree that cost-wise it is the
    same if not more for going overseas. Not forgetting we did not even factor
    in the cost of taking leave from work. Other countries have their own rules
    too. Korea and M’sia don’t allow entry for their own citizen and Malays
    respectively, China restrict the nos of visits for their citizen to Macau
    etc. At least we have a choice. I appreciate this safeguard to curb
    excessive gambling by the locals.

  11. find it shameful to see stupid locals complaining $100 going to Resorts
    World or Marina Bay Sands.. get your facts right 1st before whining fellow

  12. Err… other than home game and illegal den in Geylang, you pay some sort
    of “levy” where ever you gamble dude…. air ticket to macau, seaport tax
    on cruise, petrol/bus/toll to Genting etc…

  13. BOYCOTT SINGAPORE Because of continued human rights violations stay away
    fron this police state. Do Not support third world Barbarians that are in
    power by visiting here. Barbaric judges continue to court order males
    Tortured by paid prison perverts with homosexual Flogging rituals.
    Disgusting depraved sadistic government continues violating international
    laws against this violence. GO ELSEWHERE IN ASIA–TRY HONG KONG, TOKYO,

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