Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

A walk round MBS, starting at street level, thru the lobby, up to a club room and then the roof. Nice place.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 thoughts on “Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore”

  1. P.S.
    If possible, you should get a friend to go along as your “cameraman” You
    did a great job, but I think it would add a level of polish to your videos.

  2. Thank you for posting such a detailed video of this beautiful building. And
    I imagine it must have been nerve-wracking walking, camera in hand, with
    people staring at you. I am sometimes self-conscious when merely taking
    pictures and knowing that I look like an obvious tourist. You have courage.

  3. can anyone tell me if April would be a good month to visit Singapore as far
    as weather wise? does it rain alot in april and is it hot? thanks

  4. thanks for this!! I watched the documentary of how it was built, and this
    just finished off the documentary brilliantly by seeing the inside
    completely finished and being used :)

  5. i think there is very little diversity in singapore. i thihnk it would be
    better with afican and latino as well, but thanks for tour anyway

  6. Felt like I was actually there, thanks for the upload! It’s on my bucket
    list, I hope to go there one day, but probably only 2 nights at the
    cheapest rate room which is like £439 a night haha, and I don’t think
    breakfast is included 

  7. Parkroyal on Pickering is a great hotel. It is very new, and located in the
    heart of Chinatown. MRT stations are within walking distance. Equally good
    for leisure and business as CBD is within stone throw.
    singapore-vacations-com does a good price comparison.

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