30 thoughts on “Singapore taxi driver abuses maid”

  1. No small notes, then pay by nets, master card, ez-link and amex. If the
    driver refuse you can report him to the company. I have seen a lot of cab
    drivers refuse cashless payments, which is absurd in today’s information
    age. They are not only stupid, they also gives the industry a bad name.

  2. taxi uncle do remember the queue in MBS at 2am to 4am on Mon to Tues the
    effort just to queue for half an hour to an hour with alot of other taxis
    queuing up for just a finger full of passengers just to make 10-20 bucks
    remember that…money is hard to earn don’t spoil your own rice bowl by
    arguing passengers will never understand the pain in being a taxi driver:)

  3. He didn’t need to act annoyed when was given $50. If that was the case no
    wonder she felt angry. Who would like to sit down on a taxi and being
    treated unfriendly? Taxi drivers supposed to know that it was part of their
    job to serve with friendly manner to passengers. 

  4. Just because someone post it here first, doesnt necessary make them the
    Far too many of us complains no end about others but never one moment spare
    a thought to think of their own behaviour. To those who cursed and swore at
    him – it usually takes a bigger one to notice a smaller one. U r much

  5. It seems that a small number of public are biased against the
    “uncles/aunties” who despite long and strenuous hours on the road are
    providing a vital service to the general public. Are those who are quick to
    blame the taxi drivers, are they saying that there are no “bad hats” in
    other profession ? Generally i come across most taxi drivers are being
    honest, polite and willing to give a helping hand only if one acts politely
    themselves towards the taxi drivers !

  6. Knowing that you will taxi ,prepare some $10 notes lah…If every passenger
    give $50 note…All taxi must have a money changer in the front seat….So
    easy to complain and call the police….Just have $10 standby solve the

  7. The taxi driver is a ‘ mad man ‘ ! He bullies people with difficulties for
    no reason. There’s nothing wrong with giving $50 to a taxi driver who asks
    for $10.26 for the taxi fare.

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