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Singapore Zoo ? One of the world’s most spectacular zoos

The Singapore Zoo is a must visit attraction in the beautiful island of Singapore. Home to more than 3600 birds, mammals and reptiles of both common and endangered species, the venue is modelled on the ‘open zoo’ concept and is recognized as one of the most impressive zoos in the world. All the animals are kept in large landscaped open air areas and are separated from visitors by natural barriers that include vegetation, streams and rocks. Predatory animals that can climb well are sheltered in open air enclosures which are surrounded by glass boundary walls. Set in 28 hectares of rainforest area, the Zoo is truly a fascinating place to visit in Singapore where you can fully appreciate the island’s diverse flora and fauna.

Some of the most famous inhabitants at the Singapore Zoo are its orangutans. An elevated walkway allows visitors to observe and come up close to the tree-tops where these fascinating apes dwell. Several endangered species like the Malayan tiger, the proboscis monkey, the white rhino and the komodo dragon can be seen at the Zoo. Most of the animals at the Zoo dwell within region based habitats. Must visit habitats include the Australian Outback, the Elephants of Asia, the Great Rift Valley, Wild Africa, the Reptile Garden, the Cat Country and the Fragile Forest. The Zoo is also renowned for being the place where the world’s first tropical polar bear was birthed.

The Singapore Zoo provides visitors with an exciting and educational journey on the preservation and conservation of wildlife and the rainforest. Apart from its vibrant wildlife, the Zoo also displays lush tropical flora. Nature enthusiasts will truly be able to appreciate the magnificent beauty of nature whilst strolling through the Zoo’s numerous trails. Various types of rides, ranging from boat rides to animal rides, can be enjoyed within the verdant environment of the Zoo. You can also choose to board a tram that will take you through much of the Zoo aboard an open air vehicle.

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