A Fast Guide to Changi Airport of Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore’s Changi Airport for the first time, you might be wondering what there is to do at the airport and how much time you should spend there. You will be delighted to find out there’s plenty to experience ranging from 24-hour eateries to hours of fun shopping.

Here’s a fast guide to navigating Changi Airport and enjoying its facilities.

Getting Around the Airport

Changi Airport comprises of 3 large terminals, which are all connected through a skytrain service that is found both inside transit and outside. Skytrains are frequent and rapid, with each journey takes only few minutes.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the smallest of the terminals, but offers great amenities like money changers, a baby care room, ATMs, and a car rental counter. Be sure to stop at the Singapore Visitor’s Center in the Arrival Hall, where you can pick up numerous free promotions available only to tourists. T1 is also served by many food outlets like Quiznos, Burger King and Starbucks.

Aside from luxury shopping in the transit area, food is available 24-hours at the Food Gallery, with many other dining options. Check out the lovely Cactus Garden and use the free internet kiosks or pay for swimming pool access if you have time to kill.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 offers similar amenities to T1 but has a lot more variety when it comes to shopping and dining. There are many quirky little shops here where you can find inexpensive gifts. There are also a lot more dining options, ranging from McDonald’s and conveyor-belt sushi to the Crystal Jade Restaurant, located on third level of Departure Hall.

Special features within the transit area include an events zones, fern, orchid and sunflower gardens, rest areas with comfortable lounge chairs, shower facilities and a health spa.

You should note also that the Changi MRT Station (CG2) is located between T2 and T3, so this is where you want to come if taking the train into the city. The MRT is a convenient way to travel, especially if you are staying in hotels near Changi Airport in Singapore.

Terminal 3

The newest of the Terminals, T3 is practically a large mall complex. It is worth taking the time to explore the large public areas of this terminal, which includes a huge basement with a large food court, a water fountain, playgrounds for kids as well as plenty of shops ranging from a full-sized supermarket to fashion and accessory stores.

On Level 3, above the Departure Hall, the shopping continues into the Viewing Mall, and there are several large restaurants to enjoy here as well.

While all terminals have clinics located in transit, T3 is the only terminal with 24-hours Raffles Medical Centre accessible by public and is located at the basement.

The transit area for T3 offers the most shops and dining options, with plenty of laptop points and rest areas throughout the level. Be sure to visit the Butterfly Garden, the large food court and round-the-clock free movie theater.

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