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Express Shuttle Bus From Senai Airport to Johor Bahru CIQ to Singapore

Beside Malaysia, Singapore is probably the favourite destination for many Indonesians. However, you can easily save a few hundred Singaporean Dollar and use it for shopping if you fly to Senai International Airport in the neighbouring Johor Bahru and take buses to  Singapore instead of flying directly into Singapore Changi Airport.Bus Route Senai Airport JB to Singapore

[CLICK TO ENLARGE] Bus Journey Route from Senai Airport to Singapore

The journey from Senai Intrnation Airport Johor to Singapore is not straight forward but is not complicated either. Causeway Link has it summarized in a simple diagram above. Detail are given in the steps below. Just follow these steps and you should be able to get to Singapore from Senai Airport without any problem.

Step 1 – Express Shuttle Bus From Senai International Airport to JB Sentral and Malaysia CIQ

Upon arriving at Senai Airport, proceed to the Airport Shuttle Bus terminal which is located on the left when you exit the Airport Terminal Building. Board the White Shuttle Bus labelled with Causeway Link which provides you with express service to JB Sentral.

Turn Left When Exiting Senai Airport Terminal
Turn left when you exit Senai International Airport Terminal to get to the Causeway Link Shuttle Bus Station.
Causeway Link White Shuttle Bus
White Shuttle Bus – Board this Causeway Link Bus to JB Sentral.

Note: LOOK FOR THE WHITE SHUTTLE BUS to JB SENTRAL. DO NOT board the Red Skybus. Instead of JB Sentral, the Red Skybus will bring you to Johor Bahru Hotels like Tune Hotel Danga Bay, KSL Resort, Grand Paragon, Puteri Pacific, and Grand BlueWave.

Ticket Price: The ticket price is RM8 one way. Free for Airasia Passenger. Claim your free bus e-ticket here.

Travel Time from Senai Airport to JB Sentral: Approximately 40 minutes (depending on traffic condition).

Bus frequency: Bus depart approximately every 40 minutes.

Timetable / Schedule of Causeway Link Bus from Senai Airport to JB Sentral.

1 06:10AM (First Bus) 06:50AM
2 07:00AM 07:40AM
3 08:00AM 08:40AM
4 09:00AM 09:40AM
5 10:00AM 10:40AM
6 11:00AM 11:40AM
7 12:00PM 12:40PM
8 01:00PM 01:40PM
9 02:00PM 02:40PM
10 03:00PM 03:40PM
11 04:00PM 04:40PM
12 05:00PM 05:40PM
13 06:00PM 06:40PM
14 07:00PM 07:40PM
15 08:00PM 08:40PM
16 09:00PM 09:40PM
17 10:00PM 10:40PM
18 11:15PM 11:45PM
19 11:59PM (LAST Bus) 12:40AM

Arriving at JB Sentral (JB Malaysia CIQ) From Senai Airport

After an approximately 40-50 minutes bus ride, you will arrive at JB Sentral. As you are heading to Singapore, no need to get off the bus at JB Sentral. Only get off the bus at Malaysia CIQ. At Malaysia CIQ, get off the bus and proceed to Malaysia immigration passport check point for immigration clearance to leave Malaysia. The signboard is very clear. Even if without the signboard, just follow the crowd will do.

Reminder: Bring all your belongings with you when you leave the bus.

Johor Bahru CIQ
Bus arriving at Johor Bahru Malaysia CIQ.

Step 2: From JB Sentral Malaysia CIQ to Singapore CIQ

After clearing Malaysia Immigration at Malaysia CIQ, proceed to Bay 22 & 23 to take the cross border bus to Singapore CIQ. Note that there are THREE buses you can take here: 

  1. Bus CW1 – goes to Kranji MRT Station in Singapore (Ticket cost: RM1.00 one way)
  2. Bus CW2 – goes to Queen Street in Singapore (Ticket cost: RM2.60 one way).
  3. Bus CW5 – goes to Newton Circus in Singapore (Ticket cost: RM2.60 one way).

Step 3: Bus From Malaysia CIQ to Singapore CIQ

Either you board cross boarder bus CW1, CW2 or CW5, you will arrive at Singapore CIQ after crossing the Malaysia Singapore causeway. At Singapore CIQ, get off the bus and head for Singapore passport checkpoints following the signboard or crowd. After clearing Singapore passport check, you will return to the same area to catch buses CW1, CW2 or CW5.

Reminder: Again, bring all your belongings with you when you get off the bus at Singapore CIQ because you may not return to the exact same bus after clearing Singapore immigration.

Catching Bus CW1 CW2 or CW5 at Singapore CIQ
After clearing passport check at Singapore CIQ, follow the label on the floor (foot path) to get back to your bus (CW1, CW2, CW5)

Timetable / Schedule for cross border buses CW1, CW2 and CW5 from Malaysia CIQ.

The first buses for CW1, CW2 and CW5 will depart Malaysia CIQ at 5.00am daily. The last cross border buses will depart Malaysia CIQ at 10.30pm for CW1 to Kranji MRT and CW5 to Newton Circus. For  CW2 to Queen Street the last bus will depart at 11.00pm.

Frequencies and Estimated Travel Time of the shuttle buses from Malaysia CIQ to Singapore

CW1 and CW2 depart more often with an interval of every 15 minutes to 30 minutes. CW5 is slightly less regular with an interval of 20 to 30 minutes.

The estimated travelling time for CW1 from Malaysia CIQ to Kranji MRT station is 15 minutes to 30 minutes during off peak hours but could take up to 1 hour during peak time.

For CW2 from Malaysia CIQ to Queen Street Singapore and CW5 to Newton Circus Singapore, the estimated travelling time is 30 to 45 minutes during off peak hours and up to 1 hour 15 minutes during peak hours.

Step 4: Shuttle Bus From Singapore CIQ to Singapore (Kranji MRT, Queen Street, Newton Circus)

Once you hop  on the either bus CW1, CW2 or CW5 you are on the last leg of arriving at your destination in Singapore, be it Kranji MRT station, Queen Street or New Circus.

Most people prefer bus CW1 to Kranji MRT station because you can go almost everywhere else using MRT in Singapore.

CW1 Bus Arriving at Kranji MRT Station
Kranji MRT Station

Overall Shuttle Bus Journey from Senai International Airport Johor Bahru to Singapore

The overall bus journey from Senai Airport to Singapore is about 1 hour to 2 hours during off peak hours. However, with traffic jam at peak hours in the morning and evening, it could take 2 to 3 hours. This is because there are many Malaysian working in Singapore will cross the causeway to go to or return from work during the peak hours.

Is it worth the hassle to fly to Senai Airport Johor and taking 1 to 2 hours of bus instead of flying directly to Changi Airport in Singapore. It depends on your priority. If you are on tight budget or want to save money and do not mind the additional time to travel on bus from Senai Airport to Singapore, it is definitely a good option. However, if you bring a lot of baggage with you or travel with young children and elderly, it is not advisable to take the bus from Senai International Airport to Johor Bahru and then to Singapore, be it Kranji MRT Station, Queen Street or Newton Circus. You may find changing buses, carrying heavy luggages, walking up and down the stair and queue too much to bare with.