Destination: Singapore

The city is extremely clean, safe and locals and tourists alike are not even permitted to chew gum. Yes, these things are true but that does not mean thatSingaporewill put you to sleep. It is actually quite the opposite. Your unforgettable vacation to one ofSoutheast Asia’s most enduring countries begins when you land at their luxurious airport. Take note,  Singaporehas one of the best airports in the world. Come on, if an airport can be that great, just imagine what the rest of the city has in store for you.


Singaporeis a breath of fresh air when compared to countries such asBangkokwhich has a wide array of attractions as well but is also home to bumper to bumper traffic at almost all hours of the day. Many times traffic eats up a ton of vacation time. Who needs that? Especially when most people only get a two week vacation  leave per year. If you visitSingapore, this will not be a problem at all. Aside from clear roads, their train lines are also a cinch to use.


The longer you stay inSingaporethe more you will appreciate its unique beauty and charm. From the different types of people you meet to the scrumptious dishes each hawker center and restaurant serve, you will truly understand why the city is comparable to no other. You can go sightseeing all day, shop all afternoon and enjoy at the local bars and clubs all night without worrying about your safety.


This well-run Asian country will give you a closer look at not only the local culture but will also open your eyes to the lifestyles of  the Chinese, Indians and Malays that chose to settle there. Embark on two totally different experiences by heading toChinatownone day and then checking out Little India the next day. With the type of ethnic diversity found inSingaporeyou are bound to be delightfully surprised at every destination you visit.


One thing that is loved all around the world is food. The natives have a passion for all things food related. Find a ton of delicious dishes to fit whatever your budget is. There are economically priced fast food chains, reasonably priced hawker centers as well as extravagant restaurants that cost an arm and a leg. Whether you are willing to break the bank to try the most popular dishes or you want to spend your cash a bit more conservatively, one thing is for sure, you will not leave the island with an unsatisfied stomach.


Singaporehas a bevy of wonderful sights to see. Fly Seair to Singaporeand get there safely and on time. For more information on flights and other promotions, please visit .





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