25 thoughts on “Exploring Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands hotel”

  1. It is obvious that you have some unresolved issues and that will hopefully
    take care by itself in a way or another,but let me just tell you that if
    big american casino companies are investing big cash is such stinky places
    ridden by ugly asian animals there must be a reason for it. And about brain
    I have to remind you that while WE europeans used to enjoy people fighting
    in Rome’s arenas Asians were already using prescription glasses.

  2. I’m moving to Singapore in 3 months and all I can think about is exploring
    the islands and forests and fishing the waters – It’s repulsive to me that
    people will flock to a country only to spend spend spend buy buy buy. Louis
    Vuitton is the same bull shit in Singapore as it is in Las Vegas or
    anywhere else, get some fucking personalities people!

  3. ID buy LVS stock if i had the money! WYNN MGM and LVS have the China
    market. Makes Vegas look small ( by the human numbers )

  4. I love it too and it’s personal opinion – dont matter what people say! They
    are just as angry and bitter as the people they condemn! Throw the first
    rock, eh!

  5. Visitors to Singapore are spoilt for choice in terms of dining and
    entertainment. Clarke Quay is one of the most recently renovated
    entertainment areas and is just as popular with tourists as it is with
    locals. Little India offers a more bohemian atmosphere, with cool cafes
    interspersed amongst budget eateries, English-style pubs, and affordable
    guesthouse accommodation, Check Here > bit.ly16JBEiI

  6. Stay away from this violence police state. Boycott anything to do with
    Singapore as this society allows vicious human rights crimes.

  7. You’re so uneducated that it’s hilarious. Typical white trash chav. You
    know nothing about evolution. Evolution refers to our primate ancestors
    evolving into neanderthals, and then evolving into the modern human being.
    It has nothing to do with race. Our facial features and skin color, what we
    call ‘race’ today, changed with time because the early humans spread out
    and lived in areas with various climates. Had to educate you because you’re
    uneducated white trash scum from a bedsit.

  8. @WhiteBritishWarrior The master race theory has been disproven, bellend.
    You’re still a mutt. And hey, learn how to be a nicer person and interact
    with people outside your race once in a while. You’ll find out that the
    “lower species of life”, as you call them, are actually nice people.

  9. which starving people? Singapore has one of the lowest poverty levels in
    the world. maybe you meant the U.S. or U.K. (10% higher than that of

  10. I don’t think this is appealing looking to me. The idea of a swimming pool
    like that at the top is not something that would be a “selling” point for
    me to stay there.

  11. Yesterday a Singaporean judge, who is a sadist in the truest sense,
    sentenced a man to death,,,for drugs. His friend pleaded with the judge to
    also execute him, but the judge looked at the man and smiled, while the
    family sobbed in the corner of the courtroom, and sentenced the man to life
    in prison,,,AND,,,to be Tortured at the hands of paid prison peverts where
    he will be flogged 24 times untill his naked flesh is bloody and mutilated.

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