Kinetic Rain – World’s largest kinetic art sculpture @ Changi Airport Terminal 1

World’s largest kinetic art sculpture unveiled at Changi Airport SINGAPORE, 4 July 2012 — Passengers and airport visitors entering the Departure Check-in Ha…
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Join us as we take a glimpse into this stunning mixed-use complex featuring attractions, retail offerings and facilities that will redefine your airport expe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 thoughts on “Kinetic Rain – World’s largest kinetic art sculpture @ Changi Airport Terminal 1”

  1. I would like to watch this beautiful sculpture all day, but I enjoyed the
    introduction and seeing something of the mechanics of this artwork’s
    engineering. Very nice, and thank you for posting it!

  2. this is awesome..maybe a larger upscale mall or science museum would like
    top do something similar. Who says science has to be boring and dull this
    is beauty and science merged.

  3. i left singapore while they the mylar string and when i came back it was
    the kinetic rain and i was like HOLY SHIT THAT IS AWSOME!!!

  4. To understand Kinetic Sculptures,,, One must understand unity, and How all
    things including All Mankind, work as one in harmony, when we work
    together as ONE….. 

  5. Yup, the idea is totally not unique. I’ve seen quite a lot similar “kinetic
    sculptures”, just look at the related videos and you can see almost
    identical installation in BMW museum.

  6. És una reserva natural, una illa de Costa Rica? No, és el projecte
    futurista del nou aeroport de Singapur.

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