23 thoughts on “Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore”

  1. @laraib9494 its an illusion, there is an edge but you wont be able to reach
    it There’s a taller wall at the end that blocks the edge so you can’t fall.
    It is meant to look like it is extending till the end from a camera’s view

  2. eventually you wont fall from there, look theres plenty of kids swimming
    there without any adults helping them. chill and enjoy try it out, reserve
    a hotel for 10 days , its expensive as hell, cost over 3000 euro 10 nights-

  3. Fascinating to see how the rich engage in idle lesiure while on the other
    side of town, the majority of people reside in abject poverty! This is the
    same city where an American kid named Michael Fay was brutally caned for
    vandelism. I believe it’s the same city in which Obama attended an Islamic
    madrassas as well!

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