25 thoughts on “Revenge of the Mummy | Universal Studios Singapore | Indoor Dark Rollercoaster”

  1. i just went again today and i finally got rid of my fear of this
    rollercoaster after so many years LOL. i took it about 10 times? it was
    really fun! highly recommended! :)

  2. I went on that ride when I was 8 or 9, it was epic! I went on it again last
    year. This year I’m 12 Lel

  3. WOOO!!! I got picked to open uni studios!!! So fun and you get 12 express
    passes for free!! It happens everyday someone gets picked for it! I went on
    this mummy ride 4 times and the transformers ride 3 times in less than 45
    mins!!! SOOOO HAPPY!!!

  4. I used to ride to this at the age of 7 ( I think) I was so scared ! I did
    not get to enjoy the ride , I only made until the middle of the line.

  5. I hate the part where the Black things come out the wall and gets all over
    u like a wet feeling!!!! I also when to island of adventure and Disney

  6. The ride was super fast!! And it was really funny when people were
    screaming but you were like” yes! Woo HOO!” XD

  7. im nnine and i ride this before.i did,bot come out crying but shivering
    with fear.O hate the part when the rollervoaster goes up and down and also
    back2ards.ITS SO FAST

  8. Is it crazy that in one day me and friend were in love with this ride till
    we sat in 7 times throughout the whole day XD we visited other attractions
    too though we love transformers to no end too!

  9. dude the fire was really hot and my hand almost burnt and the bettles was
    on my hand during the ride its really dangerous but fun!

  10. I went on this ride 2 months ago and it was scary all i did was close my
    eyes and stuck my back to the seat lol im 10 btw the picture they took my
    eyees whu closed

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