24 thoughts on “Sentosa Island, Singapore, HD Experience”

  1. I have never been to Bali, but clearly Bali is more historic with ancient
    temples and buddhist relics etc. The beaches of Bali and Sentosa are pretty
    similar standard (i.e. good, but not great), although Bali has more of
    them, because it’s a bigger island.

  2. I have watched both videos, and just wonderful captures of Sentosa as
    usual. You know what, currently The talk of the town in Singapore is the
    newly opened Port of Lost Wonder @ Pahlawan Beach, Sentosa! A new family
    attraction has been unveiled on Sentosa. Located on Palawan Beach, the Port
    of Lost Wonder (POLW) is designed as a beachfront kids’ club and features a
    pirate ship waterplay area, picnic decks, outdoor play areas for toddlers
    and F&B and retail outlets.

  3. Another attraction is the iFly (indoor skydiving) at Sentosa, you can also
    try the luge and see wonderful fireworks display at Sentosa.

  4. Thanks for watching. I love Sentosa, some parts of it look a little tacky
    still, but most of it has become a great tourist destination for the
    region. Sentosa Cove is where the new W Hotel is located yes? I will
    certainly check it out when I’m back in Singapore in October.

  5. I did noticed POLW when I was walking across Palawan Beach on my first day
    here. I didn’t take any video then unfortunately. Seems a really nice place
    for the kids to play in the sea breeze.

  6. Excellent video!!!! really well shot , great just fantastic- if you get
    chance please make more of SENTOSA and SENTOSA COVE if you can walk around
    the oceanfront and ocean drive !!!! more more !!!!

  7. Singapore … Sentosa … the island playground for both Adults and Kids
    … A Family Destination ….

    #Singapore #Sentosa #familyfun #familytravel 

  8. I loved the place, been there so many times but sadly its lost its Asian
    attraction because its become another Hollywood………… For crying out
    loud be Singapore and not another Walt Disney funfair outlet

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