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  1. NAIROBI Mombasa voi tsavo Man-Eaters male deadly lions stalked the
    campsite, dragging Indian workers from their tents at night and devouring
    them. Crews tried to scare off the lions and built campfires and fences
    around their camp for protection to keep the man-eaters out, to no avail;
    the lions crawled through the thorn fences. after the new attacks, hundreds
    of workers fled from Tsavo deadly lions, halting construction on the
    bridge. Patterson set traps and tried several times to ambush the lions at
    night from a tree. after repeated unsuccessful endeavors, he shot the first
    lion on December 9, 1898. Twenty days later, the second lion was found and
    killed. The first lion killed measured nine feet, eight inches (3 m) from
    nose to tip of tail. It took eight men to carry the carcass back to camp
    lions stopped commuter traffic on a road on the outskirts of tsavo National
    park in Kenya the construction crew returned and completed the bridge in
    February 1899. The exact number of people killed by the lions is unclear.
    Patterson gave several figures, overall claiming that there were 135
    victims conservationists fear Kenya’s lion population could soon die out as
    humans encroach further into their territory

  2. As a romantic and as a professional, this stopped me in my tracks – one of
    the best brand videos I’ve ever seen. So much to love about it, so many
    layers. Director/producer and composer in perfect synch. The editing’s
    superb. Well done, Kara and Max – when I see work this good, I am jealous
    as hell I didn’t do it myself!

  3. The music was especially commissioned for the film – it’s composed by an
    amazingly talented composer called Max Perryment. You can find more about
    Max at escapistsmusic

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