25 thoughts on “Singapore Ferrari Taxi Crash Footage”

  1. Thats chinese, making trouble everywhere they live, they thought they’re
    the richest, so they can do anything they want

  2. we cant replace the lifes like ferrari 599 GTO.or Hyundai Sonata…once
    gone.its over.drive carefully. 

  3. Fucking China pigs! Fucking China accent!! Dont behave as if you all are
    still in China. If not, stop dominating around the different parts of the
    world. You, uncivilised pest, are not powerful enough to globalise the
    world. You may be thick skinned, but you’re portraying yourself as
    blacksheep. Change your attitude and mindset before we can’t tolerate any

  4. that’s why all PRC stupid motherfucker people without brains 0% come to
    singapore always now you can see this happen

  5. That’s what happened when u gave a beginner license to drive, especially
    super car.. plus he was an idiot..too bad, u died before knowing how stupid
    you were

  6. omg whenever I see this I feel so sad for the victims.. The Ferrari driver
    shouldn’t have tried to speed through the red light -.-

  7. That was horrific. That two other people had to die for this man’s
    incredibly dangerous and stupid driving is a tragedy. That he was killed is
    not a tragedy.

  8. the Ferrari driver’s asshole should be suck up thousand times by a stick
    ,fuck the Ferrari driver,stupid mother fucker …

  9. pssh…anti mainland chinese sentiment is on the rise everywhere. Here in
    canada, there was a recent crash under similar circumstances where a mother
    was killed by 2 mainland chinese women speeding in an aston martin. charges
    were dropped recently too believe it or not…..

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