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One Italian Airport Insulted Coach Singh

On March 17, according to British Sky TV reported that Singh’s coach and the airport staff of the Italian airport had a dispute, because the staff asked him to unlock the traditional Indian turban for safety checks. Singh and Singh’s father, coach, think that this is an insult, strongly criticized the Italian airport.

Singh and his coach, Amritinder Singh prepared fly from Milan to Sicily, where this week at the European tour. At the Milan airport, airport staff, citing security reasons, asked Amritinder Singh to unlock the head scarf. But Amritinder Singh refused to do that, he rejected the request. As he refused to untie his head scarf, he felt agitated and if you want to score nicely, ping g15 hybrid is the one set for you .

Amritinder Singh later issued a statement: “This is a personal insult. I travel around the world, even if the security staff would sometimes detector scanning around on my hood, I have never been solved headscarf. “For me, this is equal to being naked in public. I also told them they can look at my passport, I was a sports athlete. I have never suffered such an insult, but they do not agree. I even told this is not their security, this is a harassment. In my own country, the Prime Minister is wearing a headscarf. I think my country should negotiate with other countries in this solemn things. ” When in Rome do as the Romans do, so he felt insulted which is understandable, no matter what you come across, you got win the game, taylormade burner 2.0 irons may help you.

Singh is India’s most famous golfer, he won three European Tour titles, including the 2006 VOLVO Masters. In addition, he also has six sub-tour title. Singh’s father,
Milkha Singh, is also a very respected Indian athletes. He participated in 1960 Rome Olympics.

Milkha Singh said that he will address this to the Indian Prime Minister Mammohan Singh, asking him to attach importance to the safety of foreign institutions to their approach. “I urge the Prime Minister to deal with it seriously . This is an insult to the Sikh community, has caused considerable concern. They should be taken seriously, that racial discrimination should not happen again. ” Milkha Singh told reporters.

Milkha Singh also do not understand why the Italian authorities on Sikh ignored this. “Everyone knows the world, Sikhism is. Amritinder Singh have been working very hard to tell them that Sikhs can not remove the hijab. But they have to be threatened. ” Milkha Singh said.

It  was an insult, Singh’s own attitude is also very tough. He said: “My father also wear turbans. If he was told to solve the headscarf, and is in front of hundreds of people, there is no dignity untied, then it is too horrible. “Singh said. As their belief is different from many of us, they may like different golf equipments, taylorMade burner superfast driver may intrigue them.

After the 911 terrorist incidents, Western airport security was stepped up monitoring. This is not the first controversial incident happened at the airport. But this involves racial discrimination, the problem is very sensitive. More at wholesalegolf118.com.

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