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Singapore Travel Guide, Exploring Singapore Zoo

If you are looking for an exciting travel in Singapore, then explore the 28,000 acres of Singapore Zoo and see all of Arapaima to zebras. The Zoo does an excellent job of ensuring that many animals are out and visible as possible.

Singapore Zoo also known as Mandai Zoo or Singapore Zoological Garden located at 80 Mandai Lake Road. Singapore Zoo is recognised as the finest zoo in Asia, Popular for its Night Safari attraction, the Zoo has a reaped a long list of awards, both local and international and one of the world’s most beautiful. Adopting an open concept, animals are kept in landscaped and spacious environment while separated from their curious audience by wet or dry moats. Heavily camouflaging the zoo environment to match the natural habitat of the different animals helps not only to stimulate the animals but increase visitors’ appreciation of wildlife as well.
Who says that zoos are just for kids? Over 28,000 acres containing approximately 2,500 animals, the Singapore Zoo to entertain and educate you, no matter what your age. My favorite part of the Singapore Zoo is the “open concept” design that lets you explore more than 300 species of animals living at the zoo.

The Singapore Zoo has areas as “Wild Africa”, “Australian Outback” and “Elephants of Asia”, presenting a diverse range of animals. As you travel around the zoo, you can see the animals you may already recognize as manatees, jaguars, and chimpanzees, as well as animals that may not have heard of before, like the Nubian ibex, Crested Macaque, and tapir.

Once you’re at the zoo in Singapore, there are several ways to get around. You can walk, of course, but if you are traveling with children or just want to rest your feet, then the zoo’s tram can be a great choice for you. The tram makes four stops: the African wilds by the SPH Foundation Conservation Center, next to the elephant ride, and the Pavilion near the lake. You can also take a boat from one side of the park to the other, allowing you to see the serene Seletar Reservoir superior first hand.

The Singapore Zoo also offers “Behind the scenes” experiences-no one addressed to the reptiles, and another focuses on butterflies and invertebrates.
The Singapore Zoo insists on protecting animals and learns about them. Nearly thirty percent of the species at the zoo in Singapore are at risk, and the zoo offers a safe and comfortable for these animals live and breed. The zoo offers educational services to promote conservation, and also participates in wider efforts taking place in countries like Malaysia. For help, consider “adopting” an animal at the zoo.

While the Singapore Zoo offers a fantastic day trip course in an elephant ride, catch a show at Kidzworld Forests, and picnicking at the pavilion by the lake are just three ideas to get started, you may also want to check out Singapore night safari. To make your visit, be sure to see the famous orangutans before you leave! we surely make your tour of Singapore memorable and delightful.

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