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Sentosa Beaches, Singapore?s Playground

As you go through the mesmerizing words of a novel that paints a flawless, divine picture of a dream place, you can’t help longing for one. Hub of adventure seekers, beach lovers and staggering tourists, Singapore’s Sentosa Island is a true depiction of that idyllic getaway that you might have read about in a fancy novel or a tourism magazine. Beyond doubt, this is a picturesque and sensational island destination that will leave you wanting for more. Former called Palau Blakang Mati, this place was initially a fishing village. Teeming with entertaining and lively activities all around the year, Sentosa Island offers multi facet appeals and is renowned as being top of the notch attractions Book last minute flights to Singapore in order to step in the most sought after tourist paradise as quickly as possible.

For a quite some time, beach lovers and sun worshippers have been aware of the fact that three of the most premium beaches in Singapore are boasted by none other than the Sentosa Island. With soft sand, lucid waters and wide beachfronts, Palawan Beach Tanjong Beach and Siloso Beach have called out to a loyal following among which are water-lovers. If you happen to be one of those water babies, there is myriad of water sports that you can engage in. Sentosa’s Palawan Beach has gained immense amount of recognition not only among Singaporeans but also tourists from all around the world.

Making it as one of the gayest beach for families in Singapore, Palawan beach has been transformed into a recreation zone, entertainment retail and food and beverage spot thanks to SGD11 million’s makeover. Enhanced amenities such as these have provided the families with an opportunity to enjoy an optimum ‘experience mix’ while visiting this spectacular beach. Widely acknowledged for its delicious food and service, Koufa provides a topical island setting where visitors can savor delights. Relax aside the lapping waves and sip on to that perfect blend of tropical cocktail at Islander Club.

An exhilarating trip to Sentosa would not be complete until you take a dip in the bracing waters of the beach and get yourself wet. An appreciated attraction at the beach of Siloso is where novices perform somersaults, knee hangs and mid–air flips helped by group trapeze artists at the Flying Trapeze. One of the most compelling attractions here has to be Siloso Beach Resort which is built on a hillside facing the beach. This resort occupies up to 12,000 km square. Undeniably, one will be taken back with the superb experience of staying at one of the rooms that is sea-facing, sitting on a terraced hill incline providing a spectacular ocean view. Bigger rooms for guests have Jacuzzis installed that overlook the sea. If the visitors want to go through a more exclusive experience then villas are available, each equipped with its own spa pool and personal roof-top garden.

Feel the soft sand beneath your feet and let the leathery foam stroke you toes as it washes in from the sea. This dreamy thought can become a reality if you wish so. Throw in a bathing suit and indulge in the entrancing sights and sounds of Sentosa beaches.

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