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Sentosa Beaches, Singapore?s Playground

As you go through the mesmerizing words of a novel that paints a flawless, divine picture of a dream place, you can’t help longing for one. Hub of adventure seekers, beach lovers and staggering tourists, Singapore’s Sentosa Island is a true depiction of that idyllic getaway that you might have read about in a fancy novel or a tourism magazine. Beyond doubt, this is a picturesque and sensational island destination that will leave you wanting for more. Former called Palau Blakang Mati, this place was initially a fishing village. Teeming with entertaining and lively activities all around the year, Sentosa Island offers multi facet appeals and is renowned as being top of the notch attractions Book last minute flights to Singapore in order to step in the most sought after tourist paradise as quickly as possible.

For a quite some time, beach lovers and sun worshippers have been aware of the fact that three of the most premium beaches in Singapore are boasted by none other than the Sentosa Island. With soft sand, lucid waters and wide beachfronts, Palawan Beach Tanjong Beach and Siloso Beach have called out to a loyal following among which are water-lovers. If you happen to be one of those water babies, there is myriad of water sports that you can engage in. Sentosa’s Palawan Beach has gained immense amount of recognition not only among Singaporeans but also tourists from all around the world.

Making it as one of the gayest beach for families in Singapore, Palawan beach has been transformed into a recreation zone, entertainment retail and food and beverage spot thanks to SGD11 million’s makeover. Enhanced amenities such as these have provided the families with an opportunity to enjoy an optimum ‘experience mix’ while visiting this spectacular beach. Widely acknowledged for its delicious food and service, Koufa provides a topical island setting where visitors can savor delights. Relax aside the lapping waves and sip on to that perfect blend of tropical cocktail at Islander Club.

An exhilarating trip to Sentosa would not be complete until you take a dip in the bracing waters of the beach and get yourself wet. An appreciated attraction at the beach of Siloso is where novices perform somersaults, knee hangs and mid–air flips helped by group trapeze artists at the Flying Trapeze. One of the most compelling attractions here has to be Siloso Beach Resort which is built on a hillside facing the beach. This resort occupies up to 12,000 km square. Undeniably, one will be taken back with the superb experience of staying at one of the rooms that is sea-facing, sitting on a terraced hill incline providing a spectacular ocean view. Bigger rooms for guests have Jacuzzis installed that overlook the sea. If the visitors want to go through a more exclusive experience then villas are available, each equipped with its own spa pool and personal roof-top garden.

Feel the soft sand beneath your feet and let the leathery foam stroke you toes as it washes in from the sea. This dreamy thought can become a reality if you wish so. Throw in a bathing suit and indulge in the entrancing sights and sounds of Sentosa beaches.

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Ways for Singapore’s F&B Sector to Tackle the On-going Labour Crunch in a New Guide by Singaporecompanyincorporation.sg

Singapore (PRWEB) November 11, 2014

Singapore has always been known for it’s vibrant Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. But in the last few years, due to certain foreign labour tightening measures implemented by the Government such as increasing the foreign workers levy and revising the tiered work visa regime, the industry is faced with manpower shortage and increased operating costs.

To help the industry get up on its feet again, Singaporecompanyincorporation.sg (SCI), country’s most popular portal for company registration services, has published a guide listing the alternate sources of local labour pool which the industry can dip into.

“Our guide starts with detailing the problems faced by the F&B industry in Singapore in recent years. Firstly, due to the renewed thrust on having a healthy mix of locals and foreigners in the country’s workforce means F&B outlets need to hire enough Singaporeans to be able to hire a foreign worker. Additionally, the business also needs to pay foreign workers levy, which can be anything between $ 300-600 to the government. Even if the outlet somehow manages to sustain the increased cost, finding locals willing to work in the F&B sector is an uphill task due to the negative perception of the industry in the country,” explains Cheryl Lee, manager at Singaporecompanyincorporation.sg.

The going have been so tough that some big names in the F&B sector such as Work & Barrel, and the Japanese restaurant group RE&S, have either decided to shut shop or decrease their presence in Singapore.

Even the Restaurant Association of Singapore, which has more than 300 members accounting for over 1,300 restaurant outlets, came up with several proposals for the government to consider and ease the labour crunch faced by the industry.

These included adjusting either the foreign worker quota or the levy quantum, channelling levy receipts to help businesses enhance their productivity, and tapping alternative sources of labour.

“That’s why we decided to come up with this guide, which can be the one-stop reference for all F&B retailers and chains in Singapore giving a snapshot of the available alternate sources,” added Lee.

As an increasing number of students in Singapore are seeking part-time employment to finance their education and gain some valuable work experience, the first option for F&B outlets is to tap into this potential source of labour.

Some such as the Jumbo Group of Restaurants are already doing it by redesigning job timings so as to offer greater flexibility to students.

Another potentially huge labour source can be the back-to-work mothers willing to join the workforce again. This will help the F&B outlets overcome their labour crunch as well as improve the fertility rate of Singapore as more women will be willing to take a break to start a family if rejoining the workforce is easier with plenty of options to choose from.

Third alternate source that can be tapped into is to employ persons with disabilities after imparting proper training to them. Hotel Holiday Inn located at Singapore’s Orchard Road is already doing this.

Additionally, F&B businesses can embark on automating their processes and compensate for labour shortage. Certain back-end processes including dish-washing and pre-packaging of ingredients could be pooled. For instance, a Chinese restaurant chain TungLok has stared using semi-automatic stir-frying devices to cook noodles, rice, and other dishes.

“Lastly, as Singapore has one of the highest life expectancies, the normal retirement age of 60-65 years doesn’t apply to the nation any more. Moreover, with rising healthcare costs and fitter population, people are motivated to seek employment even in their late 60s and early 70s. Thus, providing training and employment opportunities to this age group by aligning job scopes as per their competence would help F&B tackle the labour crunch effectively,” concluded Lee.


Please click here to view the full guide

About SingaporeCompanyIncorporation.sg:

SingaporeCompanyIncorporation.sg is a portal for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to have a presence in Singapore. It is also a provider of company incorporation, as well as the related taxation and relocation services in Singapore.

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Marina Bay Sands: Singapore’s Luxury Hotel Resorts and Casinos

Marina Bay Sands, developed by Las Vegas Sands, is considered as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property. There are 120,000 sq-meter convention-exhibition center, a casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines, and a 2,560-room hotel. The complex is set on top of the world’s largest public cantilevered platform. Marina Bay Sands features three 55-storey hotel towers which are connected by a 1 hectare sky terrace on the retractable roof. The Skypark, an unique structural masterpiece with an impressive 12,400 square meters of space, floats atop the three towers 200m in the sky. It is one of the first to see spectacular views of Singapore. Visitors can enjoy a taste of good life with exclusive perks offered by the Skypark and are captivated by the unsurpassed views of Singapore, the new national Gardens, and the spellbinding Sands Skypark.


Marina Bay Sands is developed by Las Vegas Sands.


The complex is topped by a 340m-long SkyPark.


There are a Theatre Block, a Convention and Exhibition Facilities block, the Casino Block in front of the three towers.


The resort officially opens on 23 June 2010.


The SkyPark was opened on the second day at 2 pm.


Marina Bay Sand is topped by a 340m-long SkyPark with a 150m infinity swimming pool.


From the Skypark, guests may be captivated by the unsurpassed views of Singapore.


There is a casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines.


Atrium and Horizon are well-equipped.


Jin Shan Restaurant


Fuse Bar


The resort also has 120,000 sq-meter convention-exhibition center, six celebrity chef restaurants, the Shoppes mall, an Art & Science museum, and two floating pavilions.


The Sands Skypark features landscaped gardens of 250 types of trees and 650 types of plants.



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Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) – The Network

Mass Rapid Transit is a popular transport system in Singapore. It is the metro railway connects all the city-states in Singapore. The time schedule and fares are convenient for all kind of travelers. It consumes only little time compared to other transport modes. There are 79 MRT stations in Singapore and 78 stations are functioning at present. I would like to share more about MRT lines and extensions in this article.

The different Lines:

The network covers the complete Singapore with 4 lines. MRT has stations which connects through underground. They are strong enough to survive bomb attacks and they supply as a bomb shelters.

We can describe these 4 lines by differentiating with 4 colors. They are North South Line (red), East West Line (green), North East Line (purple) and Circle Line (yellow).

North South Line: (NS)

It was the first MRT line in Singapore. The line operates around 25 stations now. It is around 44 km long and administered by SMRT Corporation. It has colored red on the rail map. North South line bounds the middle Singapore to both northern part and the southern parts of this this beautiful country. So, it has named as “North South Line”.

The first line was constructed between Yio Chu Kang to Toa Payoh in 7th of Nov 1987. It is running through City Hall, Marina Bay, Yishun, Jurong East and Choa Chu Kang.

East West Line: (EW)

It has constructed after NS line in Singapore. It has 31 stations and administered by SMRT corporation. It stretches over 49.2 km long. It is colored in green on the rail map. It has been established on the 12th of Dec 1987. The starting line was from City Hall to Outram Park. It binds the mid Singapore to both the western and eastern parts of the island. Hence, it was named as “East West Line”.

The initial system includes City Hall, Outram Park, Clementi, Lake Side, Tanah Merah, Paris Ris, Jurong East, Choa Chu Kang and Boon Lay. this track got 2nd phase of development where the line extends to Expo, Dover, Changi Airport and Joo Koon.

North East Line: (NEL)

North East Line is the third line built in Singapore. It has 16 junctions and monitored by SBS transit. Also it is the world’s second longest fully underground line. It has opened on 20th June 2003. It is mechanized and operates without driver. This line has the length of 20 km. It has colored in purple on the railway map. It binds the central Singapore to the north-eastern part of the Island.

Circle Line: (CCL)

It is the central line linking all the radial lines leading to the city. It runs through the entire middle areas of Singapore. CCL is the 4th MRT line in Singapore. It has 31 junctions and 35.7 km long. It has monitored by SMRT corporation. It is the world’s longest completely automatic metro line. This line is colored in yellow on the rail map.

It has started on 28th of May 2009 from Bartley to Marymount.

Expansion of the Network:

MRT system relied on the North South Line and East West Line for more than a decade. Plans for the extension of these lines are currently under construction. Its expected everyday ridership in 2020 would have grown to 4.6 million from the present count of 1.4 million passengers. The construction will bring the MRT network to 278 km by 2020.

The government planned a railway network of 540 kilometers by 2050 which will be more extensive than London’s 408 km tube system.

The growth of CCL is also under construction. The 6th stage construction is in growth. It will enlarge to Marian Bay by 2012.

The brand new projects of Downtown Line, Thomson Line and Eastern Region Line are in progress. They anticipate to be finished by 2013, 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Also there are many extensions of the existing lines have designed and the works are in growth.

MRT is the greatest advancement of Singapore intra transport. Most of the people prefer using this mode of transportation as it is so fast. So it receives 1.952 million ridership every day. MRT has improved the journey planning among the people in Singapore.

Tracy Barb is traveling around South East Asia since her earliest childhood. She loves Singapore and likes to write about it. Therefore she became an expert in this topic and is working for Guidegecko.com, an online travel book store. If you are looking for a Singapore travel guide or a travel guide for other destinations, she recommends you to visit http://www.guidegecko.com.

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The Mass Rapid Transit or MRT is a rapid transit system that forms the backbone of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. The initi…
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Singapore?s Changi International Airport Itself Is A Tourism Spot

Singapore has worked hard to establish a superb ecological kingdom, thereby contributing to global ecology, with its bushy rich plants and greenery, also sporting lot of animal kingdom both land based and water borne. The country nurtures a number of gardens, preserving carefully its forestry and it is the delight of every visitor to  roam around the green venues winning everyone’s heart. In a  Singapore Trip, following three important places will enhance the delight of the visitor:

•Singapore Botanic garden which has beautiful lakes, animals, interesting lizards,  flowers and plants, and also rare specimen of the region’s first rubber tree orchards, which is open daily and takes almost 2 hours for one to walk through.
•National Orchid Garden, having lovely paths and walkways, giving opportunity to enjoy seeing variety of orchids in the world
•Singapore Zoo, which hosts variety of animals pleasing everyone’s taste and interest and also giving opportunity for a boat ride in a lake for watching water based animals.

The traveler who takes up a Singapore trip will have the chance and pleasure of visiting a number of shopping malls, which include

•Campong Glam, a historical  district in Singapore hosting colourful shops and restaurants, where one can also have hearty shopping at Bugis Junction, an ever alive Bugis Street market.
•Holland Village, which is situated along Lorong Mambarg, hosting live music joints and a treasure trove for those crave for arts and crafts, and it is here one can buy things from Lim’s Arts and Living, a mammoth store for these items, a must visit place during Singapore holidays.
•China Town, made up of exotic pre-war shop houses, including Chinese emporium Yue Hwa, selling authentic Chinese products, people make Singapore trip specifically for this purpose.
•Little India, composed of variety of shopping joints, particularly the world famous 24 hour shopping joint, Mustafa Centre, besides Tekka  Market food joints, and a number of lanes and avenues hosting shops of variety of items
•Orchard Road, which delivers items of one’s heart’s content, with its Tangling Shopping Centre, ION Orchard and Orchard Central

The travelers who capture collection items, the shops at Marina Bay Sands would offer such a number of shopping malls that one would go round and round  shopping there , still not having mind to leave the City from one’s Singapore trip.

Singapore’s Changi airport is also rich with a number of facilities that by itself it makes a place of visit during Singapore trip, for it has such a large section of shopping, entertainment and eating houses.

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