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A New and Exciting Business and Travel Portal Launched at Johorbahru.my

Johor bahru, Malaysia (PRWEB) December 27, 2014

There will be a comprehensive range of resources at Johorbahru.my catered for anyone interested in visiting Johor Bahru as well as for the local community here. Among them includes Accommodations, Attractions, Food and Beverage, Towns and Cities and Transport which will all provide the most complete set of information for anyone.

For anyone visiting JB for both business and leisure, the city has a broad range of accommodation choices. This includes world-class hotel chains to budget hotels in Johor Bahru for short stays. Besides that, visitors can choose to stay at the apartments or condominiums as well. Johorbahru.my will be reviewing all the hotels and resorts here like The Thistle JB, Mutiara Hotel, Citrus Hotel as well as the likes of Danga Bay and the surroundings.

JB is one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia where Johorbahru.my will become the premier online destination for all the travelling needs. This is where visitors can now find out about the best places to go when visiting JB. Johorbahru.my will be reviewing the main attractions including the Johor Zoo, the Chinese Heritage Museum, the unique Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple, Tanjung Piai National Park and the Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque among others. In this segment, travelers can find out all they need to know about these attractions including entrance fees, guides and ways to get there to help them plan their trips better.

Besides that, the world-class theme parks like the Legoland Malaysia and the Hello Kitty World will be reviewed as well. This is where all the relevant information like operating hours, entrance fee and what to expect at Legoland the Puteri Harbour will be explained in detail.

Getting around the city of JB can be quite challenging for any visitor, but Johorbahru.my will now be offering a complete transportation guide which will provide information on how to get to JB and to get around the city. As there are several important highways like the Tebrau Expressway, the Eastern Dispersal Link and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link which connects JB with other destinations, this transportation guide will be the best avenue to learn about getting around.

From within JB city, visitors can now find out how to take the public buses around the suburbs like Kulai, Senai, Nusajaya and others as well as on getting to Singapore and back. This will help travelers in ensuring that they know the schedule and fare of going around JB as well as Singapore.

The Johor Premium Outlet or JPO is one of the most exciting places for shoppers with top brands like COACH, Louis Vutton and Prada. There is something for everyone here and Johorbahru.my members can now find out what is being offered here and what to expect when shopping at JPO.

The food in JB is one of the most unique offerings as there are all types of cuisines available. From traditional Malay food to Chinese seafood restaurants, food lovers will be spoilt for choice when visiting. As such, Johorbahru.my reviews the best and most popular eateries and restaurants around JB including the very famous Johor Laksa, where to find this traditional dish and which are among the top ones.

For the local residents, there will be a Community segment which will be offering information about the events and happenings around JB. This includes information like annual events hosted by the state governments, initiatives by the local council like gotong-royong and even international events like the Iskandar Johor Open. Besides that, members of Johorbahru.my can submit any events and happenings around their areas to inform others as well.

More Singapore Zoo Press Releases

Singapore Travel Guide, Exploring Singapore Zoo

If you are looking for an exciting travel in Singapore, then explore the 28,000 acres of Singapore Zoo and see all of Arapaima to zebras. The Zoo does an excellent job of ensuring that many animals are out and visible as possible.

Singapore Zoo also known as Mandai Zoo or Singapore Zoological Garden located at 80 Mandai Lake Road. Singapore Zoo is recognised as the finest zoo in Asia, Popular for its Night Safari attraction, the Zoo has a reaped a long list of awards, both local and international and one of the world’s most beautiful. Adopting an open concept, animals are kept in landscaped and spacious environment while separated from their curious audience by wet or dry moats. Heavily camouflaging the zoo environment to match the natural habitat of the different animals helps not only to stimulate the animals but increase visitors’ appreciation of wildlife as well.
Who says that zoos are just for kids? Over 28,000 acres containing approximately 2,500 animals, the Singapore Zoo to entertain and educate you, no matter what your age. My favorite part of the Singapore Zoo is the “open concept” design that lets you explore more than 300 species of animals living at the zoo.

The Singapore Zoo has areas as “Wild Africa”, “Australian Outback” and “Elephants of Asia”, presenting a diverse range of animals. As you travel around the zoo, you can see the animals you may already recognize as manatees, jaguars, and chimpanzees, as well as animals that may not have heard of before, like the Nubian ibex, Crested Macaque, and tapir.

Once you’re at the zoo in Singapore, there are several ways to get around. You can walk, of course, but if you are traveling with children or just want to rest your feet, then the zoo’s tram can be a great choice for you. The tram makes four stops: the African wilds by the SPH Foundation Conservation Center, next to the elephant ride, and the Pavilion near the lake. You can also take a boat from one side of the park to the other, allowing you to see the serene Seletar Reservoir superior first hand.

The Singapore Zoo also offers “Behind the scenes” experiences-no one addressed to the reptiles, and another focuses on butterflies and invertebrates.
The Singapore Zoo insists on protecting animals and learns about them. Nearly thirty percent of the species at the zoo in Singapore are at risk, and the zoo offers a safe and comfortable for these animals live and breed. The zoo offers educational services to promote conservation, and also participates in wider efforts taking place in countries like Malaysia. For help, consider “adopting” an animal at the zoo.

While the Singapore Zoo offers a fantastic day trip course in an elephant ride, catch a show at Kidzworld Forests, and picnicking at the pavilion by the lake are just three ideas to get started, you may also want to check out Singapore night safari. To make your visit, be sure to see the famous orangutans before you leave! we surely make your tour of Singapore memorable and delightful.

Singaporeihub.com/singapore-zoo.html Tour and Travel Guide – Book Now! Amazing Discounts on Top Tourist Destination and Singapore Zoo;

Singapore Travel – Introducing The Luxurious Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino

Over the last year and a half, Singapore has launched two brand new integrated resorts. One of the resorts is the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino, which is located right in the city center in the Marina Bay area of Singapore. It is owned by the Sands Corporation, which is the same American company that is famous for their flag ship Sands Casino in Las Vegas, United States. Here are some highlights of what the Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino has to offer.

The Casino

The casino at the Marina Bay Sands Resort is a two story gambling facility with all the popular games such as Black Jack, Baccarat, and Roulette. Also they have many jackpot slot machines available. As with all casinos in Singapore, all Singapore citizens and permanent residence holders must pay a 100$ levy to enter.

The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is a huge shopping complex that is connected to the resort hotel and the casino. It boasts all the luxury brand name stores, such as the two story flag ship Gucci store, and the Louis Vuitton store located outside in the crystal pavilion. Furthermore, there are many dining options, from the normal food court, to celebrity chef restaurants. There is also a skating rink indoors and a stage theatre for the performing arts.

Art Science Museum

The Art Science Museum is the structure located outside that resembles a giant lotus flower. It is a daring piece of architecture that brings a unique vibe to Singapore’s downtown skyline. New exhibits are regularly placed here with the most recent one being the Titanic Artifact Exhibit.

Sands Skypark

The Sands Skypark is the viewing deck on the top of the resort hotel. It provides stunning views of the Singapore skyline, as well as the ocean front. If you are a guest at the hotel, you can also go to the other part of the Skypark which boasts a giant infinity pool from where you can swim and catch the amazing view of the city from above.

Convention Center

The Marina Bay Sands Convention Center offers public spaces for rent, which is suitable for trade shows, banquet functions, and even training events and seminars. The facilities are modern, and are equipped with the latest audio and visual equipment.

The luxurious Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino is suitable for all types of visitors. With all these varied facilities and entertainment offerings, this integrated resort is definitely one of the major attractions in Singapore to see.

Alec Chan is a travel writer, intrepid traveler, and food enthusiast, who is very passionate about traveling.

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