Train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

I took a train from Singapore Woodlands CIQ to Kuala Lumpur Sentral station on a 2nd class seat. About halfway into the journey we stopped at Segamat station…
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See how Malaysia traffic or JPJ police welcoming Singaporean at the JB CIQ (JB Checkpoint). Most of the Singapore cars has stopped by them… Why? Earning Si…

25 thoughts on “Train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Ridiculous~!! what u mean this is the way tat our policemen treat u guys?
    fasten the safety belt are the things we should do as a driver and
    passanger…isnt it? if u want to need a GPS divice to guide u, y dont u
    set it up before ur journey? if u nvr fulfil it, of course the policeman hv
    the right to fine u…

  2. And u SINGAPOREANS should be thankful our Polis are able to ask for ‘KOPI’
    money,it saves the hassle of u guys being stopped at the CIQ…LU PIKIRLAH

  3. Polis di Raja Malaysia very Corrupted at the Johor/Woodlands Causeway! They
    Escorted me to an unlit bridge (on the pretext of helping me), and extorted
    S$100 while 2 others in uniform watched at a distance! They work in a
    syndicate of around 7 (including a short butch)! Bloody Bastards! I Curse
    the Country!

  4. Do you know that those traveling in and out in a daily basis are mostly
    Malaysian (work permit) driving SG registered car. And they drive like no
    ones business thus giving true Singaporean a bad name. Anyways, if you want
    to go in then that’s the price you have to pay.

  5. this is actually an operation to catch those SINGAPOREANS who broke most of
    OVERTAKING,and never even have the innitiative to pay the summons in the
    great land of MALAYSIA.Some of the summons are even years overdued.Unlike
    us MALAYSIANS are very responsible people whom have to pay summons if we
    leave S’pore.BRAVO MALAYSIANS.

  6. yah.. but i dun think they are totally bias cause some singaporean do
    behave badly on the road when in malaysia.

  7. stupid singaporean..just follow the rule la… if i come to your country i
    will be arrested just because smoking in publick..

  8. @aiman648 as if you malaysians follow our rule. your motorbike come here
    cut lane, swerve left and right always almost cause accident. Anyways 90%
    of bike accidents always involve malaysian

  9. Lu bbual mcm phm.. Tengok ah sendiri korang highway tu. Nk ckp singaporeans
    speeding? Leh relax sua. Malaysians pun ade speed. Ngan mat rempit korang
    la, mcm2 ah. Cermin sediri dulu bro before nk comment… Pfft. Lagi2 si
    bodoh yg cakap kene arrested in public psl smoking… Tk masok akal sia kau

  10. many singaporean drivers are “kurang ajar” when they come to Malaysia. they
    exceed the speed limit on the highway, overtake on the left lane, tailgate
    and involve in accidents. come on, say something singaporeans !!!

  11. wow excellent police force. i didn’t know only singaporean cars were
    speeding. So efficient and non corrupt. i bet All the crimes and speeding
    were done by singaporeans. using selective forced bribes on singaporeans so
    damm right. Just in case You dumb a-holes dont get it i was sarcastic, i
    hope i didn’t burn holes in you puny minds XD. BTW most jams on the
    causeway are produced by you guys crossing over to make the spare cash ,
    its not wrong just stating.

  12. gila,, x boleh guna GPS… polis nk tangkap aku sebab dlm kereta aku ada
    GPS dan aku guna GPS…WTF…… so sekarang aku kena cabut GPS letak kat
    basikal la… bodoh betol la….

  13. @bummerfiesta and yet during festive seasons it is Singaporeans who clogs
    up Malaysia roads especially Genting Highlands and all. If it is so
    unworthy, why bother and come? Its not like most Malaysian enjoy the
    inconvenience caused by the influx of Singapore tourists. Go holiday
    elsewhere. And we Malaysians are polite to entertain the Singaporean snobs
    who come and fill up our tourist spots and we can’t go on vacations in our
    own country.

  14. Buat salah atau tak buat salah aku berani cakap 99% memang ada buat salah.
    tengok aja bila masuk plus highway…… so sepatutnya diorang nie kena
    saman berganda and kena bayar tunai kalau tak “balai cerita” ….

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