Universal Studios Singapore | Full HD video | Complete Tour USSG All Major Rides & Attractions

Universal Studios Singapore Complete Guided Tour. This is probably the most comprehensive video tour and guide to USSG online. All rides with on and off ride…

For exclusive pictures and advice on visiting USS, please visit my blog post here: http://backpackerlee.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/your-guide-to-universal-stud…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Universal Studios Singapore | Full HD video | Complete Tour USSG All Major Rides & Attractions”

  1. I rode the mummy returns over there for more than ten times and it was
    awesome!!!! Can’t wait to go back after my exams :D

  2. I went there last saturday and it was really fun! im from malaysia and yah
    , i want to go again! Like its so fun and i love the revenge of the mummy

  3. went to all the rides except transformers and water plant one today, good
    to see what i missed, thanks for sharing

  4. I keep asking my dad to bring to Singapore since I live in Malaysia it’s
    pretty close. And my dad always goes out station there. But he’s always
    like “No”

  5. Pls. Reply.
    Is it a good day to go there on a friday? Im just so curious cause im going
    in singapore, lets say the day after tomorrow after that day. (So

  6. BTW I forgot when there’s a show at 6+ is also a great time to go play
    rides cuz queues turn damn shaort even the longest was 5mins !!! 

  7. I have sit all rides be4 😉 I hate the mummy cuz I’m scare of dark…. Most
    ride had to wait for hours but it’s great watch cuz I missed it so much 😉
    I went there for the fist time was 7 2nd 9 3rd 10 4th 11 4 times !!

  8. Universal Singapore is just 2 years old, but has a great collection of
    rides already. Curiously, they even played Harry Potter themes outside the
    park, even though there is no HP rides or attractions in Universal
    Singapore (only Universal Orlando). I do enjoy listening to the cues around
    the park though, it sometimes takes me a while to remember the name of the
    cue but I always get it! 😉

  9. And if you go to see Waterworld you can add even more time to this.
    Personally I think to enjoy US a whole day so that you can ride a few times
    on the favourites like Jurassic Park, Mummy and Transformers. A wonderful
    place and at 57 yo I felt like a kid again and loved it. Will be back.

  10. The Transformers ride was amazing, you wear 3D glasses in a moving vehicle
    that goes from screen to screen. Good storyline too. The ride is free, you
    pay the entrance fee to the park, but all rides are free once you are in.
    Is that what you meant? The ride lasts for around 6 minutes.

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